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14 Νοεμβρίου 2017
KUKUNARI: a lamp right from a tree…

Architect Iro Skouloudi borrows the shape of the pine cone and creates a luminaire based on a series of symbolism and has a strong aesthetic reference to scandinavian design

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KUKUNARI - the greek word for pine cone – is a wooden lamps series inspired by the pine cone's structure where the “leaves” form a number of spirals that belong to fibonacci sequence. Pinecone represents the human enlightment, the pineal gland, called the third eye, linked to body's perception of light.

KUKUNARI's design is parametric, based on a code that allows many design outcomes, with the opportunity of custom-made designs adjusted to each space's needs. It is a combination of computational design and digital fabrication along with handcraft finishing techniques. The first KUKUNARI collection consists of pendant lights mainly, in different sizes and limited editions of floor and wall lamps. Made of laser cut plywood parts, combined with fabric coated wire and assempled by the designer. Each KUKUNARI is unique, fabricated with care and comes with an engraved serial number.

kukunari_2_620photo: KUKUNARI light by Iro Skouloudi

Designer's ID

Iro Skouloudi, Architect Dipl. Eng., graduated from School of Architecture of Technical University of Athens and the postgraduate program “Space, Design and Built Environment” of Technical University of Crete. She has participated in architectural competitions and workshops, her work as an architect has been exhibited and honored in 5th Trienalle | Architecture in Crete. She is based in Crete Greece, where she lives, works and produces her designs employing advanced digital technologies, computational design, biomimetics and parametric design.

kukunari_3_1095photo: KUKUNARI light by Iro Skouloudi

kukunari_4_620photo: KUKUNARI light by Iro Skouloudi

kukunari_5_620photo: KUKUNARI light by Iro Skouloudi

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