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31 March 2020

RE:WORK - Adaptive reuse in office interiors

The construction industry’s carbon footprint is significant, so it makes sense for architects and clients to renovate, convert and extend existing spaces[...]

27 March 2020

The best medicine: New healthcare architecture.

Illnesses and their treatments are increasingly seen in a more holistic way, with research demonstrating that the quality of indoor environments, and in particular[...]

19 March 2020

A fresh start for EquipHotel Paris 2020

Under the direction of Béatrice Gravier, the trade show aims to be a source of inspiration and a place for professionals to test out new experiences, while[...]

30 January 2020

imm cologne 2020: The industry kicks off the new year with a dynamic start

More than 128,000 visitors (including estimates for the last day of the trade fair) attended the event to find inspiration from the industry. Going against[...]

09 December 2019

Hotel Megatrends Project by Xenia 2019. The largest exhibition project ever to take place in Greece.

With “Innovation and Tradition” as its central theme, Hotel Megatrends by Xenia 2019 makes a dynamic comeback to present itself even more sophisticated,[...]

05 December 2019

imm cologne: countdown to a dazzling design event

In January 2020, design will meet business once again at the Interior Business Event in Cologne. A whole host of trends and innovations will be showcased in[...]

29 November 2019

Manzoni Restaurant: a unique experience of design and tasty delight

The Manzoni is more than a restaurant. It is also an experimental space, a theatrical backdrop for the best of Italian food and an international stage to present[...]

17 October 2019

No reservations: New hotel designs that dont hold back

The rise of peer-to-peer accommodation rental has had an enormous impact on the hotel industry. Where once a comfortable bed and efficient facilities would[...]

18 September 2019

An authentic, Milanese design experience. The traditional and the luxurious.

A typical Milanese casa di ringhiera (a traditional tenement with communal balcony) transformed into a design hotel: this is the Savona 18 Suites, the[...]

11 July 2019

Hotel Megatrends by Xenia 2019: Architecture, Design, Technology, Wellbeing, Sustainability

Following the last year’s successful presentation of the innovative project Hotel Megatrends by Xenia exhibition, the organiser, FORUM, presents Hotel Megatrends[...]

27 June 2019

Michelberger Hotel in Berlin

The new lobby at Michelberger Hotel is the second collaboration of the company with the Berlin based Danish architect Sigurd Larsen and his team, the previous[...]

21 June 2019

Morpheus Hotel City of Dreams at Macau, China

Asia’s most popular entertainment destination, Macau welcomed more than 32 million tourists in 2017, with visitor numbers increasing every year. Located[...]

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