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11 Δεκεμβρίου 2017
Mavros Lighting: focus on light

Metal, wood, glass and fabric are the raw materials with which the creative team of Mavros Lighting designs and manufactures fixtures with modern and classic aesthetics.

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Dimitra Mavrou talks to Interiors from Greece for the business and design identity of Mavros Lighting.

The goals

"Extraversion is our primary goal. The company has been constantly pursuing its way into well-developed markets abroad, and the successful presence of the last five years in the Arab countries is a point of reference and a starting point for new partnerships and further strengthening of the relationships with the existing clients. At the same time, we aim to improve the production process by modernizing the production unit and turning it into a fully vertically integrated plant. Finally, we focus on the use of new materials that respond to current market trends so as to reduce the production cost and duration".

fotistikamonternasmartsilvermavros595334_620photo: Mavros lighting

International markets

"Opening up to foreign markets is a progression that must be properly prepared. Initially, you invest in the quality of the product with the necessary certifications and specifications in accordance with the country codes of legislation. You invest in responsible affiliates to promote your product, respecting the conditions and culture of each country. Then you create a "machine" that has to work perfectly: Starting from the competitive price of the product - the correct costing - and the perfect standardization up to the transfer with absolute accuracy to the final receiver. Opening up new markets is a gradual transition as it is a quite demanding procedure and completely changes the structure of a single company by introducing new processes and standards. A transition, however, essential in the current difficult economic circumstances because it is a factor that can create opportunities for wealthy entrepreneurship".

kalodiaprasinawhiskeymavros59527s4green_620photo: Mavros lighting

The design approach

"We are collaborating with greek designers for the continuous renewal of our collections with innovative luminaires with a design that is both contemporary and timeless and also with one more basic requirement: to improve the environmental footprint of each product. It was remarkable that the CASTELO series responded to the recent International Exhibition INDEX in May 2017 in Dubai with very encouraging results".

Principles of primacy

"Our main advantage is the production process, in its entirety, both in terms of design flexibilityand impeccable communication with each customer - elements ensured by the experience and know-how of Mavros Lighting's workforce. Thus, we ensure the production of luminaires that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of each project. It is also no coincidence that we maintain stable partnerships with architectural offices and technical companies to create lighting fixtures and lighting for special projects. We have stable and long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers of raw materials and merchandise, which makes us always able to respond directly to every order. At the same time, an asset that gives us a strategic advantage is the after-sales service we provide".

floorlampflexmavroslighting60101_620photo: Mavros lighting


Starting as a small lighting craft shop in Kato Patissia (a small suburb of Athens), today our firm has expanded and it has been consolidated as one of the leading lighting manufacturing firms in Greece due to the high quality and the sophisticated designing of our products. Nowadays, the principles and the vision of its founder, Ioannis Mavros, are preserved by his successors Constantinos and Demetra Mavros. The firm is now established in 2,500-square-metre proprietary facilities in Metamorphosi, Athens, and it constitutes an integrated lighting production unit. Our great variety of interior lights, both for domestic and professional use, appeals to every taste and offers a unique lighting solution. Mavros Lighting, along with his own collections, corporate with renowned international brands regarding lighting, furniture and ceiling fans.

floorlampwithshademavrosnaxos6028ckonto_620photo: Mavros lighting

mavroslightingdubaibathroom8983090_620photo: Mavros lighting

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