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05 Δεκεμβρίου 2017
Imm Cologne: The first international interiors show of 2018

Greek companies will dynamically take part at imm Cologne 2018 (15-21 January), the international interiors show where the international furniture business will encounter such a range of furniture, accessories and interior design.

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Good business, good products, good concepts: the essence of the imm Cologne philosophy forms a show in which exhibitors and visitors meet each time evolution, diversity and quality. In Cologne, suppliers and decision-makers from the sector's major markets around the world will be setting the course for successful future business.

Imm Cologne is not just the first interior design fair of the year, but also the primary choice for internationally renowned houses, renowned professionals, talented designers and "anxious" visitors all over the world. This year's edition (January 15-21, 2018) seeks to be a starting point, a benchmark for a new successful and creative year through an impressive range of furniture, decorative and interior design proposals.


The companies and designers who expose to imm Cologne have the privilege of meeting leading decision-makers and businessmem from all major international markets. The set-up of the exhibition provides a wide range of services (conferences, parallel events, projects ...) which contributes to creating an environment that favors opportunities for establishing contacts and enhancing market potential.

Greek participation

Extraversion is now an option for many greek companies and the key strategy on which a significant part of their business is developing with a constant goal of a stable presence in international markets. Interiors From Greece platform will be there supporting the participation of the greek companies - Gyllos, Join, Kitwood Furniture Industry Co, MexilModeco, Papadatos, Poofomania, Set - as well as to promote the IFG Magazine with all the greek design and construction news.

Meet them here.

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Important sections

Imm Cologne has been organizing the Das Haus project for the last 7 years, inviting each time a designer to create a space that will point to a home where his personal approach to modern life will be captured, utilizing elements of architecture, decoration and interior design. This year, Luca Koldova, a famous Czech designer, has been invited for her excellent sense in luminaire design and effects. “Following the transatlantic ‘Haus’ by Todd Bracher, we are returning to Europe with Lucie Koldova, and turning our attention to the Czech Republic – the home of superb glassware”, reveals the Creative Director of imm Cologne, Dick Spierenburg.

* The Stage.
The trends forum “The Stage” will again be the home for discussions and responses to current issues in the world of interior design this coming January. Here, experts talk about trends in home living, designers shed light on their concepts and industry insiders discuss future developments. For many visitors, the schedule of “The Stage” speeches offered is the starting point for their visit to the international interiors show in Cologne.

* Pure Talents.
Imm Cologne welcomes new talented designers and organizes for the 15th time a competition to promote and advance the winner. New designers from all over the world participate each year knowing how important it is for their career to attend and present their work at such a prestigious exhibition.

See here more about the imm cologne.

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