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08 Φεβρουαρίου 2017
Greek manufacturers success at imm Cologne
7 greek companies participated in one of the most important worldwide furniture exhibition presenting collections of high-end design.

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Business agreements and positive feedback confirm the undeniable popularity and recognition of greek companies once more at imm Cologne 2017 (16-22 / 01/17). The Imm Cologne validity, based both on the participants and the visitors, is what convinces the most successful greek companies to include it at their annual schedule.

A quick brief regarding the profile of greek companies which attended at imm Cologne.

candia_strom_stand_imm2017_1_620photo: Candia Strom stand at imm Cologne 2017

candia_strom_stand_imm2017_2_620photo: Candia Strom stand at imm Cologne 2017

1. Candia Strom

For the sixth consecutive year, the Candia Strom participated in the exhibition in Hall 9, which is a central point of the imm Cologne and houses the section «sleeping area» involving the most renowned brands. Candia Strom keeps evolving its innovative concept of "INSPIRED BY NATURE MADE BY HAND" by designing and manufacturing handmade mattresses and sleep solutions using natural materials and high quality raw materials. It is no coincidence, moreover, that it has achieved the consolidation of the concept showroom in Berlin and the strong export business to 25 countries in Europe and beyond.

papadatos_stand_imm2017_1_620photo: Papadatos stand at imm Cologne 2017

papadatos_stand_imm2017_2_620photo: Papadatos stand at imm Cologne 2017

2. Papadatos

Papadatos booth was in Hall 11 at the Pure unity among important international furniture firms. This is the second time Papadatos participates in imm Cologne where it presented new sofa collections and integrated furniture solutions. This exhibition is one more step towards strengthening the constantly evolving strategy with outlets overseas network and a targeted decision for the development of corner spots and exclusive showrooms worldwide.

tagged_stand_imm2017_1_620_01photo: Tagged de-code at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

tagged_stand_imm2017_2_620photo: Tagged de-code at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

3. Tagged de-code

After its first participation in 2012, the company Tagged de-code returned to the imm Cologne with a more sophisticated profile, both in terms of design and quality. The company introduced a complete collection of living products and a major portfolio with contract projects in Greece and abroad. Tagged de-code participation in imm Cologne 2017 confirmed the commercial opportunities that the company can have at nordic markets.

gyllos_stand_1002017_1_620photo: Gyllos at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

gyllos_stand_1002017_2_620photo: Gyllos at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

4. Gyllos

The Gyllos chair manufacturing company has already participated in Salone del mobile Milano and May design series London. This year was Gyllos first time at imm Cologne as the company has a dynamic organized extroversion strategy which strives for the international markets.

poofomania_stand_imm2017_1_620photo: at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

poofomania_stand_imm2017_2_620photo: at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

5., with leading position in the greek market, proceeds to the implementation of an export plan starting from the imm Cologne. The presented the inventive design products signed by industrial designer Sotiris Lazos spurring the interest of even the most demanding professionals.

modeco_stand_imm2017_1_620photo: Modeco at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

modeco_stand_imm2017_2_620photo: Modeco at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

6. Modeco

With over 35 years of experience and one of the largest retail network in the greek market, the manufacturer of children's furniture MODECO proceeds to international markets. It presented a range of products designed by industrial designer Constantinos Hoursoglou, who is MODECO key partner for many years.

set_stand_imm2017_1_620photo: Set at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

set_stand_imm2017_2_620photo: Set at Greek Group stand at imm Cologne 2017

7. Set

A commercial and introductory greek company that makes good use of its expertise and experience to organize a well established export plan. The implementation contract projects, in Greece and abroad, was the springboard for the Set first participation in a international exhibition where it presented products designed by its own lab with the younger generation standing on the first line.

greek_group_stand_620photo: Greek group stand at imm Cologne 2017

Tagged de-code, Gyllos,, modeco and Set coexisted in a single construction stand (188 square meters) in central hall 10.1, which hosted part of Pure unity with important brands. It is worth mentioning that the greek pavilion was the only national participation in a distinguished hall.

ifg_reception_620photo: Interiors from Greece reception at imm Cologne 2017

The Interiors from Greece returned dynamically in Cologne exhibition from where it had started the coordination and support of the furniture companies which focus on international markets. Besides, the Interiors from Greece had its own stand in the passage halls10 / 11 among major international media - such as Moeblemarkt, Interni, Cube magazine, H.O.M.E. magazine, Architonic, IFDM - so as to inform visitors about the Interiors from Greece platform and offering for free its international version of "IFG news" issue.

ifg_poster_620photo: Interiors from Greece & greek participation poster


ifg_ad_imm_guide_620photo: Advertisment of Interiors from Greece & greek participation at imm Cologne's guide

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