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20 Ιουλίου 2018
General Manager of MADE expo, Giovanni Grassi speaks to Interiors from Greece about the new edition of the leading Italian Building and Architecture Trade show

One of Europe’s top events for building, construction and architecture, MADE expo is the place to meet the top Italian and global players in the construction industry and to connect with international visitors.

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The format of MADE expo 2019 (13 to 16 of March, Rho Fiera Milano exhibition centre) features 4 specialised yet seamlessly integrated exhibitions under the same roof: "Construction Materials", "Building Envelope Windows", "Interior Finishes" and "Software, Technologies and Services". These and much more are to be expected by MADE expo 2019 and Giovanni Grassi, talked to us about this much anticipated, innovative, lively event.

giovannigrassitalkstoifgeng_1095photo: Giovanni Grassi, show director of MADE expo 2019

For MADE expo 2017, you pursued the creation of a new brand identity and the general change of visual identity of the exhibition. What was the impact of said changes? Have the goals set at the time been met? Has this affected positively the organising of MADE expo 2019?

During the last editions we realised, there was a need to renew our visual identity creating a new brand/logo in order to make the brand more recognisable and communicate the stability of the construction industry and the connections which are typical values of a fair. Now we are in phase two: the new brand/logo is on, and we are going to communicate a new strong visual message of the trade show as a moment not to be missed. We want people to first see our message, and then delve into the content.

madeexpo192_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

MADE expo 2017 saw a significant increase of visitors from the Balkans. What is it that made it so appealing to the companies of the region? Do you think there will be a further increase in participation from this particular area?

The countries around Italy see us and Milan in particular as a real European destination, the hub for innovation design and quality. This approach is reinforced year after year, after the Milan Expo. At the same time the city and the fairgrounds are very well connected; full of new architectures and increasingly lively. Professionals come to browse on products and solutions for architecture and construction, to get inspired and receive information, not only about “hardware” but also about innovative facts that can make a difference and inspire every professional of the building industry as well as architects and interior designers.

madeexpo193_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

One of the most interesting events, from those announced for 2019, is the "Elle Decor Design Box" by Elle Décor. Can you tell us a few words about the installations?

We paired with Elle Décor Italy that is a top magazine but also high-end event organisers and a media platform, in order to bring their vision in the event called “Elle Decor Design Box” focused on finishes, partitioning and surfaces. Curators of the exhibition will be the Architect Studio Calvi & Brambilla, winners of the 2017 Salone del Mobile Award for Booth Installations. The project is very elegant and we are very excited to work on it with them, inside the Salone of Finishing and Surfaces. It is a big and complex project but we think it is the right investment for MADE expo in this specific sector to attract interior designers and architects.

The project is a considerably-sized volume that stands out from all the others in terms of height, size and personality. A “Lantern” defined by transparent surfaces and opaque panels able to provoke interest and curiosity without revealing the precious contents within. Once inside, visitors will find themselves in a world of surprises, an expression of all the potential that materials and finishes are able to offer. In the centre, a circular maze (a nod to revisited Italian-style gardens) will highlight numerous patterns and coating solutions while surrounding it, 8 typical rooms will present 8 different ways of enjoying materials in a domestic context. In the adjoining pavilion, connected to the lantern by a carpet that emphasizes continuity between the two exhibition areas, an info space/lounge will offer moments of relaxation and in-depth analysis.

madeexpo199_1095photo: MADE expo 2019 project ELLE DECOR DESIGN BOX

The exhibition seems to attract a large audience from the field of architecture and the “Archmarathon Selections” contest has been greatly successful. How did you manage to create such great architectural interest?

According to our data, approximately 20,000 architects attend MADE expo to get inspired, to get in contact with solutions and materials. Most of these architects are running not only projects in Italy but also projects in an international level. Architectural competitions such as "Archmarathon Selections", and events similar to "Elle Decor Design Box" are just what they are looking for, along with more practical training on such structural topics such as BIM or Sustainability issues which are being dealt about in the "Build Smart" training programme.

madeexpo1914_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

How would you say that the MADE expo differs from other competitive exhibitions? How has its comparative advantage been shaped in the post-recession era?

We have to offer more than just booths. We try to offer a clear and readable exhibit layout both for the exhibitor and the visitor, which makes the experience efficient and useful, we have an important support programme, where we try to cover the specific needs of each audience for inspiration, training and also a stress-free visit experience. But since the architecture and construction industries are more and more integrated we also try to promote an interdisciplinary approach.

We invest a lot in digital tools bringing in visibility to products and solutions before the trade show so that the visitor can be get prepared for the visit. People have to leave the trade show with new ideas of products and solutions for their jobs, new contacts and business opportunities, but also enriched with knowledge. More than 90% of the professional visitors say that they will come back. This is a key point.

madeexpo196_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

What do we expect to see at MADE expo 2019?

Similarly to 2017, with a program of high quality in events, conventions, workshops and exhibitions, MADE expo is a not-to-be-missed experience and a place to meet businesses, see their innovations, products and solutions. A place to train, discover things and also meet up with people. The main events of 2019 at a glance are: the “BUILD SMART! Comfort, Safety, Sustainability, Innovation” event, which represents the beating heart of MADE expo that deals with the fundamental issues of the construction world, in a professional, engaging and interactive way and which offers companies the potential to display the best of their new proposals to visitors. The “Building Envelope and Windows Forum”, an increasingly technical and professional focus on the evolution of one of the key sectors of MADE expo which this year will also physically highlight the best in technology for comfort, safety and performance. The “Archmarathon Selections”, the returning international architecture competition, which will involve about 30 predominantly international studios to present their projects. And, of course, “Elle Decor Design Box”, of which we spoke previously.

madeexpo197_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

What are your plans regarding the promotion at international level? Is the choice of promotional tools affected by the increased interaction on social media platforms, recorded during the MADE expo 2017?

Being in the enlarged sector of design, construction and home industry, and one of the 4 trade shows selected by ICE (Italian Trade Agency) for international support, our main pillars are the media plan in Europe, East Europe, UAE and Middle East and Northern Africa plus various road shows in selected countries. Furthermore if someone needs to get more information on our marketing plan program, can easily do it by clicking here.

madeexpo198_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

What does MADE expo 2019 have to offer to a Greek company? What are the advantages that could bring an increased Greek participation?

What we have to offer to international companies looking for a market, is a high quality "stage" for their products and solutions, and a precious audience. MADE is not a huge fair where all the products are mixed. It is a place where the professionals look for products, solutions and innovations to adopt in their projects or in their trading activities. Think that in Milan only, 6 millions sqm of new buildings are planned in the next 15 years. For example, Italy is a top growing country for tourism, and hotel renovation is a main trend, especially in the 3-4 stars range. These are just two of the reasons to be in the right place at the right moment.

madeexpo194_1095photo: MADE expo 2017

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