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29 Ιουνίου 2017
Domogroup: your professional, dependable partner

Flexibility, know-how, experience, consistency: the Domogroup company in Greece has all those features that give confidence to manufacturers, architects and designers.

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In this demanding era, with the economic and social crisis, there are still teams that insist on creating, supporting the achievements and envisioning evolution and innovation. Domogroup is a greek company who faces difficulties as a challenge, as a springboard for activation of inventiveness, alertness and imagination.

domogroup_ithaki_black_kitchen_1095photo: Ithaki black kitchen by Domogroup

Domogroup's design and construction department decodes the needs of each project and synthesises targeted solutions by mustering the upgraded know-how and looking for new applications and advanced techniques for the best use of greek solid wood for the design of interior and exterior spaces, special constructions, furniture and structural elements. Old craftsmen with valuable knowledge collaborate with ambitious and trained young people, achieving in each project unquestionable quality, durability, durability and design uniqueness.

domogroup_light_fixture_with_ropes_1095photo: Light fixture with ropes by Domogroup

In addition, from the smallest component to the more complex construction, Domogroup offers a wide range of value for money products capable of covering all needs: interior and exterior doors, frames, stairs, wall and ceiling linings, floors, decks, special constructions, custom made furniture, shades, pergolas, kitchen and bathroom compositions, wardrobes...

domogroup_melissi_villas_1095photo: Melissi Villas by Domogroup

Domogroup's flawless cooperation with professional builders and architects is the wide range of projects which are related to renovations of neoclassical houses, large hotel units as well as boutique hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments, shops etc.

Particular emphasis is given to strict adherence to the timetable, while Domogroup's concern is also to co-operate with all the garages involved, which precede or follow the process of placing each product.

Domogroup... from professionals to professionals.

domogroup_residence_in_paros_1095photo: Residence in Paros by Domogroup

domogroup_table_bud_1095photo: Hotel project by Domogroup

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